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USK gives 12y to game with Nazi symbolism

The USK has given the mobile game "My Child Lebensborn" a 12 year age rating for Gamescom, despite the game containing Nazi symbolism, and after USK announcing earlier this month that symbols like swastikas will be allowed if presented in a responsible way.

- We are so happy about this. First, I would like to stress that we think this is a serious topic and are against any misuse of such laden symbols. At the same time, we have made a game that tells the true story of the Lebensborn children born during World War II in Norway, in order to create awareness for the fate of innocent children facing post-war hatred for carrying the genes of the enemy. As a documentary game, we felt that the game needed to show some of these symbols to accurately represent the historic time and explain the hatred towards the Nazis in an occupied people, says producer Elin Festøy in Teknopilot.

- We're also very happy that mobile games are now acknowledged as important cultural productions by the USK, on the same level as documentary films. The timing was also perfect, USKs policy change came just as our game was in for evaluation for participation at Gamescom, says Festøy.

This mobile game is a documentary game, telling a story about bullying and abuse of young children because of th genes they are carrying. These "Children Born of War" are born in all conflicts, and the story of the children of the German soldiers from World War II shows in a representative way what happens to the children carrying the enemy's genes.

Please visit our booth at the Indie Game Booth, hall 10.1 A20 to learn more about the game, or read more at

The press release from USK:

Visit us at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.1 / A20

Contact information:

Elin Festøy, producer, mail:, tel: +47 91537979, twitter: @elin.festoy

Catharina Due Bøhler, Lead Game Designer, mail:, tel: +47 400 53 835, twitter: @cathinshadow

We are both present at Gamescom - please get in touch!

For more information: /

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