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Battle Royal – The Future of eSports!?

1. Ralf Reichert von ESL

Ralf Reichert

2. Brendan Greene, Creative Director at Bluehole

Brendan Greene

3. Dr. Arne Peters (Moderator), - Chief Strategy Officer at

Arne Peters Arne Peters is Chief Strategy Office at and also serves as Strategic Advisor and in in multiple advisory board functions in the esports and games space. He was Vice President at ESL (Turtle Entertainment), managing their global strategic relations as well as technology cooperations. He’s been speaking at numerous conferences about the challenges for game developers and publishers, targeting the competitive gaming and esports audience. At Intel Corporation he was responsible for the games and content strategy for the EMEA region, working with studios and publishers on developing games for the latest PC technologies and growing the PC ecosystem. Arne has been working in the games and technology industry for most of his life, serving in various management positions at companies such as Intel, Atari Nintendo and 505 Games.