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gamescom 2021: New offers for indies

Indie Arena Booth Online with interactive gaming environment exclusively on gamescom now +++ Participating indies have the chance to be integrated in gamescom: Opening Night Live, gamescom: Awesome Indies and gamescom studio +++ Steam event and other activities planned +++ Registration until May 27

Attention indie developers: gamescom 2021 with the enhanced Indie Arena Booth Online (IAB Online for short) integrated exclusively on gamescom now and the gamescom: Awesome Indies show offers excellent opportunities to present independently developed games to the global gaming community in an interactive way. Participating studios will even have the chance to be featured in the prestigious gamescom: Opening Night Live show.

For gamescom 2020, the creators of the Indie Arena Booth took the popular pavilion to the digital dimension: An interactive browser game made it possible for indie fans to explore lovingly designed virtual booths from hundreds of indie studios and interact directly with the creators and their content.

At gamescom 2021, having IAB Online exclusively on gamescom now means that it will be an even more important part of gamescom. Furthermore, the IAB Online platform has been enhanced and improved. Some of the changes include easier creation and maintenance of the booths and the addition of a level system and sticker collecting game. This increases the motivation to discover the entire platform. Stronger curation of the titles shown will also mean more attention for participating titles.

Tim Endres, Director of gamescom: “Indie games have always been a fundamental part of gamescom – that goes for online as well. The enhanced Indie Arena Booth Online on the new gamescom now hub allows to generate even more attention for indies. Jointly, we create an innovative, interactive offering for the community, where the latest indie games can be discovered in an entertaining way. With the connection to devcom, the Steam festival or gamescom shows, we are opening up unique opportunities for indie developers in this digital year as well."

Valentina Birke, Head of Indie Arena Booth, and Wolf Lang, CEO Super Crowd, commented: "We are very excited to be the exclusive indie partner of gamescom for the first time this year. With our enhanced online event framework, we offer the global indie developer scene even more opportunities to connect with a worldwide audience."

From August 23–25, 2021, IAB Online participants will have additional exclusive options in cooperation with devcom: Besides a free devcom trade visitor ticket, studios will have the possibility to connect with selected business contacts and media, such as via an integrated video call function. IAB Online will be accessible to everyone on gamescom now starting August 26, 2021.

Indies in gamescom: Opening Night Live and gamescom: Awesome Indies

Indie studios that are part of IAB Online will get the chance to be invited to the gamescom 2021 show formats and present their games to the global gaming community. The gamescom: Awesome Indies show, launched in 2020 and the place where the most exciting indie titles are shown, played, and reviewed by IGN’s indie experts, is the perfect environment for this. There is also the possibility to be invited to the gamescom studio and give an in-depth overview of your own title. What's more, individual studios that are part of IAB Online and selected by Geoff Keighley’s team will also get the chance to be included in the big opening show gamescom: Opening Night Live and present their titles to millions of gamers.

The registration deadline for IAB Online is May 27, 2021. Both small and large digital booths are available starting at EUR 1,000. This includes many benefits such as the in-game booth, devcom ticket, participation in promotions such as the Steam Festival and the chance to present your own games in front of an audience of millions at the gamescom shows. Interested studios can find more information and apply at the following link:

Participation opportunities for all other companies can be found here:


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