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gamescom announces new partners and opens registration for gamescom fans

Registration for the gamescom now content hub is open +++ Launch of gamescom EPIX with lots of community quests +++ Additional gamescom partners: Daedalic, Frontier Developments, Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., Mediatonic, Netmarble, Pearl Abyss Corp, Smilegate Entertainment and more +++ All-digital gamescom 2021 from August 25 to 27, 2021

gamescom, the world’s largest event for computer and video games, will be all-digital in 2021 and free of charge for gaming fans. The newly developed gamescom now content hub is the first go-to source for live streams, shows and the interactive game of the Indie Arena Booth Online. Starting immediately, fans can register for gamescom now and enjoy numerous benefits. Also starting today is the gamescom EPIX community campaign, which offers the chance to collect exclusive prizes by completing tasks together. Joining the companies that have already announced their participation in gamescom 2021 are international heavyweights such as Daedalic, Frontier Developments, Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., Mediatonic, Netmarble, Pearl Abyss Corp and Smilegate Entertainment as well as numerous indie studios. Find an up-to-date list of partners here:

gamescom now: All-new and with many improvements

The place where the heart of gamescom 2021 beats is none other than gamescom now – this is where the gamescom shows and partner content are bundled together in a clear, easily accessible way. With respect to content and technical aspects, the platform was completely relaunched and optimized for use on mobile devices. For visitors, that means a significantly improved user interface, many new filter functions, tons of live streams, events, shows and information about all the highlights, games and gamescom partners.

Those who register for gamescom now right away can take advantage of a whole range of benefits. Registered users can get codes for a diverse selection of goodies on the partner sites of the participating companies. They can also compile their own watchlist and customize it according to their personal preferences. In addition, all who register can also participate in gamescom EPIX.

Beginning immediately, fans can register for gamescom now and gamescom EPIX on the following page:

gamescom EPIX: Community feeling and exclusive prizes

As of today, August 9, the new gamescom EPIX community campaign gives gaming fans the opportunity to immerse themselves deeper in the gamescom cosmos. Fans can complete quests across all gamescom channels – e.g. gamescom now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, TikTok – and various partner productions. If they have achieved enough success as a community, the gamescom vault opens at the end, which awaits with many exclusive prizes such as gamescom-branded in-game items. “EPI,” gamescom’s lively “Electronic Protective Intelligence,” will accompany fans starting right with the first five quests launched today. More quests will be available weekly until the end of gamescom 2021. All relevant information can also be found at


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